Maximizing Automation and AI in Your Contact Center: Tips, Tricks, and Pitfalls to Avoid



Is automation and the use of AI a bit intimidating?
Don't know exactly where to start?

Don't worry, our panel of CX experts will help make sense out of all the noise over AI and provide practical advice on how to take advantage of this exciting technology.

Join this masterclass to hear the experts share how businesses are:

  • Improving employee morale and retention by eliminating repetitive tasks
  • Achieving better customer loyalty by eliminating friction and offering their communication channels of choice
  • Cutting wrap-up time in half by automating summaries and note-taking
  • Providing help to agents with automated coaching and oversight

In this session, Justin Franklin will share insights on automation uplift taken from live results in an asset recovery and BPO scenario.


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You'll learn:

The role of automation and AI in transforming operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

How to avoid common pitfalls that derail automation and AI projects

Real-world examples of how AI and other forms of automation can greatly improve operational efficiency

Best practices for selecting use cases from a proven discovery process

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“I love the idea that I carry my office and it weighs two and a half pounds. Give me an Internet connection, give me a dial-up connection, and I can still operate my office. As long as I have an Internet connection I’m in good shape, and that’s what really matters to me.”



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Justin Franklin
Director of Communications and Engagement, Cedar Financial

Edwin Margulies
Chief Evangelist,