Intelligent Routing: How to Put It to Work in Your Contact Center



Are you concerned that your contact center routing is... well not so intelligent?

Do you want to improve overall SLAs and First Contact Resolution across the board?

Join us to learn more about the universe of intelligent routing options available to you with Nextiva's Customer Experience Suite!

In this session, we’ll discuss many ways you can blend communication channels into an overall mosaic of efficient, purposeful routing so you can meet your customers' most stringent demands.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • Beyond skills: How to use attributes, locations, and language to route more efficiently
  • The AI gambit: Leveraging artificial intelligence to boost first contact resolution
  • Blending: The art of mixing routing algorithms in the same campaign for peak efficiency
  • Cherry picking: How your supervisors can intervene and re-balance routing in real-time

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You'll learn:

Tips on clock-wise and counter-clockwise routing in a blended environment

Queue vs. Agent Availability routing: How to bump up productivity in your workforce

A means to leverage multiple language skills using language detection and conversion

The careful balance between mandatory vs. optional skills

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